Thursday 20 September 2012

Infinity, Apathy, Religion, Psychology and Me

   The omnipresent happenings of  personal experience are the true mysteries of the day-to-day life. They are the simple things that we take for granted. The questions we don't ponder enough  time on. What is the true meaning of the psyche? Why do we live when we could just as easily die? There is a passionate bond between mind and body; a bond which cannot be broken until the final day. The day when we pass on through to the hollow ground and perpetually sleep in the dark presence of the grains of mud that surround us.

    When we are alive, we are bludgeoned with protocol morals and principles. But, there is more to subsisting than that. We are primitive creatures just like any other animal, with primitive instincts. We are animalistic in our behaviour and we are never omnipotent in our own mind. There is a governing instalment of thoughts and desires that we are forced to subscribe to, and we do so without a second thought. We are given a free domain by evolution, but the evolutionary pull restricts us in that we are chained to the pole of natural instinct.

The periphery of oblivion is a lovely place to recline and drown in your sorrows. The nucleus of knowledge is the place to illuminate the universe that exists outside of one's mind.


Encapsulated Realms

We are all institutionalized, It happens to us in school, work and even at home. Life is an imprisonment in itself which most people don't come to realise. It's a lonely struggle if we do not become integrated in our own minds and let our inner self flourish, instead of looking to exterior things as superior. To understand the universe, we must first understand ourselves. Everyone can dream, but not many people can bridge the gap between the real world and the dream world; which are connected through the dimensions of the inward and outward persona. If you could bring your dreams into your demeanour, then you will begin to open doors. Doors that will illuminate your conscious mind, into a mystical chamber of fulfilled enlightenment.

But maybe you are the contrary, you are filled with apathy. The downward spiral of your tedious lifestyle has sucked all sense of passion and enjoyment from you and you've taken in so much grey sludge from 'the man', the media and your neighbour, that you've lost all interest in life, but still you proceed to not think but do what ever you are told. The arrows of light (light in a metaphorical sense of things you take in) are being blocked by the pixelated, grey smudged conformist society which feeds you shit as if you were a test guinea pig. Zoom out and look at things impartially. There is a wealth of knowledge that can help you experience the full magnitude of life.

Realms of the Psyche

To venture into Jungian/Analytical Psychology; there are 3 main parts to the psyche (the conscious and the unconscious in its entirety) ; the ego, the persona and the shadow. The ego is the realisation part of the psyche. The ego is wedged between your inward and outward experiences, its not until something attaches to your ego that the realisation of something happens; to give an example, when somebody calls you something, you don't get angry or sad until some time later, because you haven't really realised what has actually happened. The persona is the character you portray; which is taken from the Greek for a stage actor (the word persona). The shadow is the experiences and emotions you suppress and try to fade into the background of your psyche, but they still remain and they are part of you. All of these really come from the inside.
Every experience is inward; the outer world is just a projection that feeds into the mind. Your eyes are the receivers. Feelings come from the inside; the ambiance merely surrounds you in your experiences although they are called outer experiences. We don't even know if the outside world is legitimate. How do we know it's not an elaborate dream? The only thing we can be sure of, is that there is a source within us. A source so strong that puts the wheels in motion, with all the little intricacies of ourselves. We Live life encapsulated in a box  basically, and your excess baggage lags behind you; you may have suppressed it but is always there. Its inside, it never leaves. The body's removal system is not efficient. Past thoughts and memories are buried but are still within. You will never be able to get rid of such emotionless ruin as it will stay with you forever in your shadow. Although you may not conscious of it, it still has an overwhelming force in your overall self.

Hopeful, but improbable

 I believe in Fallibilsm. That human beings are wrong in their concepts and beliefs. Solipsism is the theory that our mind has invented an elaborate lie and the realsm in which we live are figments of a profound elusion. Solipsism can never be ruled out of anyone's mind, for we can never be sure to any extent what is fact, and what is fiction. Maybe one psyche controls everything and has elaborated a fictional figment to maintain its functioning and to live on in multiple dimensions. This iterates the point that I was making about everything being inward. Everything else is a projection. Is it really there? Who knows?

Why is reality so infinitely ambiguous? It is no wonder humans are filled with greed and always want more. They can never have an answer.

"God did not create man. Man created God"
Alas, the truth is ascertained, but can we get hold of it?. We must use these fundamental questions as stimuli as a fuel to grab the answers for the human kind. As to progress a species, we must truly find out what we truly our. A wheel needs a force to be put in motion, human need a dividend to search for the inner truth.